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Auto Tracker provides a simple method of tracking vehicle fuel efficiency and maintenance. Auto Tracker is currently written in PHP 4.3/HTML with some JavaScript for the user interface. A template data import script is written in perl. Auto Tracker requires a SQL database back-end (currently developed/tested with PostgreSQL, MySQL will follow). Developed on Mac OS X and Linux; the server side should run on any platform PHP supports. The client should run on any web browser, although JavaScript support is needed for some data calculation and validation.


  • Track multiple vehicles for fuel and maintenance.
  • User customizable vehicle and maintenance lists
  • Maintenance and fuel reports, and fuel efficiency graphs.


  • Internationalization (English/Metric units, Labels in configurable language).
  • Additional database back-ends (MySQL, possibly commercial databases),
  • Non-web GUI to SQL database (written in python or perl, using WX Windows or native GUI toolkits).
  • Stand-alone application (using SQLite engine).
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